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S.J.B Precision Engineering Ltd is a leading sub-contract CNC Machining company which was founded in 2003 and has gained a reputation for producing high quality components delivered on time. 

Based in Langley, Berkshire we are close to both the M4 and M25 Motorways.

We can offer high accuracy, precision machined components from highly complex to simple parts and have experience in machining all materials from aluminium through stainless steels to the more exotic heat and chemical resistant aerospace alloys. We produce small to medium size batches of components and also offer a design and prototype service. We are continually growing with investment in new technology allowing us to offer a fully comprehensive precision engineering service.

Our inspection equipment is calibrated on a regular basis which allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality for our customers.

We offer rapid and competitive quotes through all CAD formats and drawings and we can also quote from sample components. All components are manufactured in accordance with our ISO:9001-2015 approvals giving full traceability.



[1x] Mazak QT200MY CNC Lathe

Max bar size 65mm

Max swing 695mm 

Max turn length 500mm

Driven Tooling with full C & Y axis Milling

Spindle speed 5000 rpm

Hydrafeed MSV65 Magazine bar feeder

[1x] Mazak QT100SG
Max bar size 52mm
Max Swing 580mm

Max Turn Length 300mm

Spindle speed 6000 rpm

[1x] Mazak QT250MY CNC Lathe

Max bar size 80mm

Max swing 695mm

Max turn length 500mm

Driven Tooling with full C & Y Axis Milling

Milling Spindle speed 5000 rpm

Main Spindle Speed 4500 rpm

[1x] Mazak QT NEXUS 250 MSY
Max bar size 75mm

Max swing 500mm
Main Spindle Speed 4000 rpm

Sub-Spindle Speed 5000 rpm
Driven tooling with full C & Y axis Milling

Hydrafeed Magazine bar feeder


Colchester Master Lathe

Hardinge HC Lathe 


[1x] VF4 Haas CNC Mill

Table travels: X1270mm Y508mm Z635mm

Spindle speed 8000 rpm

Renishaw Spindle probe

20 station tool change

4th Axis

[1x] VF2 Haas CNC Mill
Table travels: X760mm Y600mm Z500mm

Spindle speed 10000 rpm

Renishaw Spindle probe

20 Station Tool Change

[1x] Haas Super Mini Mill CNC

Table Travels: X400mm Y300mm Z300mm

Renishaw Spindle Probe

Spindle Speed 10000 rpm
10 Station Tool Change

[1X] Haas UMC500 CNC Mill

Full Simultaneous 5 Axis Mill

Table Travels: X610mm Y406mm Z406mm

Renishaw Spindle Probe

30 Station Tool Change

Spindle Speed 16000 rpm


Bridgeport turret mill 

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